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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Farm Games - About!

The Farm Game

farm games

The Farming Game 

..is a board game simulating the economics of a small farm. Published in 1979, it was designed by George Rohrbacher, a rancher in Washington State. The Farming Game painfully reflects the real-life difficulties of running a farm. Also, the names and places in the game are the names of families farming for generations in Yakima Valley and other parts of Central Washington. When Rohrbacher invented the game, it was a desperate time for his failing farm and small family, which is reflected in the difficulty of the game, and the multitude of points taken into consideration in farming that are often left up to chance. It is considered a board game which has educational value.

The game's objective is to raise money by harvesting crops and selling livestock, including hay, fruit, grain, and cattle. This is done by moving around the board using one die. Each trip around the board represents a year of farming, and players can increase their chances of earning more money by planting more crops or raising more livestock, which can be purchased by exercising the option given from an Option to Buy (O.T.B.) card a player has drawn during the course of the game.

Elements of the game are intended to reflect aspects of real-life farming. For example, players sometimes encounter Farmer's Fate cards that are either good or bad, similar to the Chance cards found in Monopoly. One such card allows a player to collect $2,000 from every player who has no harvester, if you own one. Another card informs that due to the IRS garnishing your income, you may not collect on any of your harvests for the rest of the year. These cards are intended to reflect the element of chance or luck that is involved in farming, which is the aim of the game.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Farming_Game

Monday, March 11, 2019

What is Web hosting? What kind?

Web hosting.

Web hosting is the place where your hosting files are hosted, which means providing a place or a place of residence. Hosting is a high-capacity computer in a place called a data center or information center. Hosting varies in type, storage space, bandwidth, Internet Connection Speed, Customer Support, Data Center and others, which we will discuss below.

What types of hosting?.

Windows Hosting.

It is hosted on Windows server and supports the ASP.Net programming language, Access databases and IIS servers, usually higher in price and more widely used in government and corporate websites and is less prevalent and higher than Linux hosting.

Linux Hosting.

Hosting is the most widespread and used by the majority of sites, including large sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others, in addition to billions of small sites, and supports the hosting of Linux programming language PHP and MySQL databases and the developed version of MySQLI, hosting hosting Linux is the cheapest price at all and therefore find a lot of sites that Offers free hosting services running on a Linux platform.


Hosting varies depending on the capacity of the hard drive. Some of the extensions vary from megabytes to "unlimited", and the storage capacity of the hard disk is the space on which your site files are hosted.

The amount of data transfer "Bandwidth".

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer between the server hosted by your site and the user per month and is one of the most important factors affecting the site Small sites need relatively small data transfer capacity when compared to large sites that need huge capacity due to the increase in the number of visitors Here is a simple equation for how to calculate the bandwidth used:
Bandwidth = Loaded file size x Number of downloads

To illustrate the equation, we assume that you have an image file, for example 1 megabyte, and 1000 people will download it. The bandwidth used is 1 * 1000 = 1 GB, but if the file is downloaded 100,000 times, the bandwidth is 100 GB and so on.
You need to specify your site requirements so that your share of the bandwidth does not end before the end of the month.

The speed of the server connection to the Internet.

The speed of the server connection to the Internet affects the data transfer speed between the user and the host and vice versa, which affects the speed of the site load speed.

Data Center.

This is an important point, since the presence of data center near the user makes the loading speed of the site larger than the data center in remote areas.
These were some of the basic things about web hosting so you have to know even if it is simple about what hosting and what types of things are related to them. If you have any queries please use the comments below.
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